Fever is a natural defense mechanism by the body to fight infections. It is not necessary to treat the fever unless your child is uncomfortable. Allowing the fever to continue will help the body to clear the infection faster.

However, if your baby is under two months of age and has a temperature at, or above 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit, you should call the office immediately.

Children will often develop a fever with a virus. The height of the fever does not correlate with the severity of infection. Children will often have temperatures as high as 105-106 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as our child is comfortable and responds well to you when the temperature comes down, then you likely do not have too many concerns. Fevers will typically last one to six days.

Treatments of fevers:

  1. Kepp your child lightly dressed. Overbundling will raise the temperature and makes your child uncomfortable.
  2. A fever will increase the evaporation of fluids from the body. Encourage your child to drink fluids.
  3. You may bathe your child in lukewarm water. Do not use alcohol sponging.
  4. You may offer Tylenol or Motrin (if your child is over 6months of age), if your child is uncomfortable. ( Dosage Charts ).

Call the office if your child is difficult to arouse, does not respond appropriately to you, especially as the temperature drops, has any respiratory difficulties or if you have any concerns.


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