VPG Financial Policy


Patients are expected to pay for medical care (if you do not have insurance coverage) and insurance co-pays at the time of each visit.

Payments for unpaid medical care are due within 30 days of receipt of our statement for services.

Per your insurance plan, you are responsible for any and all co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance. Not all services provided by our office are covered by every plan. Any service not covered by your plan will be your responsibility and you will be billed. It is your responsibility to understand your benefit plan as this is an agreement between you and your insurance company.

Should families experience financial difficulties, they may make special arrangements with our billing department for timed partial payments of larger medical balances. Please contact us if you are in need of special arrangements.

Co-pays are due at the time of service.A $25 fee will be charged in addition to your co-pay if the co-pay is not paid at the time of service or by the end of business day.

Please bring proof of insurance to each and every office visit!We can not accept any insurance that can not be verified. We will have to bill you directly until you can provide proof of insurance. If the insurance that you designate is incorrect, you are responsible for any balance.

We do not submit to secondary insurance plans. At the end of the visit we will provide you with a detailed receipt for you to submit for reimbursement if you hold secondary insurance.You are responsible for any balance on your account.

Prior to making an annual physical appointment, please verify with your insurance company that the physical exam will be covered.Most plans have restrictions as to how long you will need to wait between annual well visit checks.

For all services rendered to minors, the adult accompanying the patient is responsible for payment, whether that adult is a parent/legal guardian or not. If your child will be brought to our office by a babysitter, grandparent, etc, please be sure to arrange for payment of co-pay and/or any balance on your account. Credit card payment can be made on the phone prior to the appointment or a credit card can be kept on file in our office. Additionally, if you have set up a portal account you can make a payment online.

We will bill monthly via email for unpaid balances. Additionally, we will bill for each new claim processed by insurance. Should patients fail to pay their balance/set up a payment plan, and the balance remains unpaid, we will be unable to make any future appointments.

Checks returned to our bank for insufficient funds will incur a service charge of $40 per incident.

Valley Pediatrics of Greenwich requires 24hr change/cancellation notice for appointments.There will be a $75 charge for any missed annual physical or consult appointment if no notice or late cancellation with less then 24hr notice. There will be a $25 charge for any missed sick visit appointment.


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By email: valleypeds@vpg.pcc.com

Please note, Portal Messages and Emails will be responded to during regular business hours.