Head Injuries

Children will have multiple falls as they grow. They will run into walls, furniture, fall off furniture, fall down stairs and trip. Invariably, they will land on their heads. Fortunately, a child's hard skull will , most of the time, protect them from injury. Usually, you need to offer little more than a cold compress (as a bruise, or goose egg, will develop rapidly) and a hug.

If your child becomes disoriented, confused or dizzy, you should call the office.

Children will often vomit once or twice after crying hard. If your child repeatedly vomits, or it is more than one hour after the fall, and they are still vomiting, call the office. Sometimes, children become drowsy after a head injury. It is often near naptime, or bedtime, and they have cried vigorously. Allow your child to sleep at the appropriate time, but check on your child every hour, or two, for a few hours to make sure they respond appropriately.

If your child is unconscious, call 911 immediately.


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